Stolen Show Plates: A Rising Concern in the UK as Criminals Target Customised Plates

007 Plate Number

The surge in stolen show plates across the UK has sparked considerable concern in recent times. As the appeal of custom show plates continues to grow among car enthusiasts and explore the complexities of this rising trend, seeking to illuminate the underlying causes while providing actionable solutions to address this escalating issue. By delving into the…

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Stay Street-Legal: Navigating the Legality of 4D Licence Plates

Our cars are something that we take pride in, not forgetting the initial cost of purchasing a new vehicle. Therefore, it makes sense to want to keep them looking their best. While we might think of making certain modifications to our cars, we might overlook our number plates. However, the number plate industry has evolved and now there is a whole range of personalisation…

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Ultimate Guide to Hypermiling

Introduction to Hypermiling

Definition of Hypermiling

Hypermiling is a term that describes a series of driving techniques and practices aimed at increasing a vehicle’s fuel efficiency to its utmost potential. This involves a variety of methods, from the way a driver accelerates and brakes to how they plan their routes. The essence of hypermiling …

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Legal Number Plate Regulations

Legal plate numbers are crucial to vehicle ownership, helping drivers keep track of their vehicle’s registration, prevent fraud and theft, and remain compliant with the law. Many rules and regulations surround legal number plates, which can confuse new and experienced drivers alike.

Whether you’re applying for a brand-new plate or looking to spruce up …

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