Vehicle history report next to a car

Are Vehicle History Reports Worth Paying For?

If you are a diligent consumer and you want to be as safe as you can be when buying a used car, you might want to get a vehicle history report carried out before committing to buy and handing over your hard-earned cash. But do you know when you need to get a vehicle history check carried out, when you don’t have to bother, or how much (if anything) you should pay for one?…

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1all you need to know about dvla auctions

All You Need to Know About DVLA Auctions

If you’ve ever looked into buying a personal number plate, you’re probably aware that the DVLA sells them direct to the consumer through fixed-price sales and auctions. The two types of auction used by the DVLA are called the Venue Auction and the Timed Online Auction, and in this guide, I’m going to explain all you need to know about DVLA auctions…

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2beware of dvla imposter websites

Beware of DVLA Imposter Websites

The DVLA has just seen fit to put out a press release warning drivers about being conned by bogus third-party websites that charge hefty fees for processing applications that shouldn’t cost you a penny. Although some of the sites do forward your details to the DVLA and you eventually get what you need from the DVLA, your application isn’t processed…

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4private plates and your motor insurance

Private Plates and Your Motor Insurance

Most of us don’t think about our motor insurance much until we need to make a claim or when the time comes to renew it and your insurer wants twice as much this year as they did last year even though you haven’t made a claim. You’ve probably thought even less about any motor insurance implications associated with having a private number plate,…

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7are private registration plates

Are Private Registration Plates Expensive?

If you’ve never bought, sold or owned a private or personalised registration number you could have the wrong impression about how much they cost. Most of us have read stories in the newspapers from time to time about the astronomical sums paid for some private registration numbers, but they’re only the ones you get to hear about. Someone paying half a million …

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