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Use our number plate maker to design, build and order replacement plates in minutes with fast delivery.

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  • Next day delivery available
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Product specs

  • Made with British Standard components
  • High quality gloss finish
  • Tru-film print technology for HD finish
  • Hard-wearing acrylic or ABS materials
  • Cutting edge printing technology
  • Water resistance
  • Sun-fade resistance
  • Pressure wash resistance
  • Fully customisable

Use our Number Plate Maker to create the plate you want

There are several reasons you might find yourself needing new or replacement number plates for your vehicle, but the one common factor most of the time is you’ll probably need them in a hurry and that’s where we come in.

You might have bought yourself a private registration number and now you need the physical plates making up, you might need a rear plate for a caravan or a trailer of some sort, or your current plate may have been damaged in some way or even stolen. Alternatively, you may just want a plate that better reflects you and your style with a border or a country badge on it.

Whatever reason you have for new or replacement number plates, they need to be 100% road legal for use on UK roads and they need to conform to British Standards (BS AU 145e). Here at Show Plates World, we have a wide selection of shapes, sizes and text styles for all sorts of different vehicles and applications, and by choosing the “Legal Style” option from the drop-down menu you can be assured your new or replacement plates conform to UK legal standards.

Don’t forget that as well as the size, style and design having to conform to the DVLA’s design standards for number plates for UK road use, the plates also have to be manufactured to the designated British Standards to ensure they’re durable enough. All the plates we supply are manufactured from the finest quality materials using the most cutting-edge technology available in the industry.

How to buy replacement number plates from us

You could always search online for something like “number plate suppliers near me” and then head off into town to find a shop that’s authorised to make and supply road-legal replacement number plates. Of course, that would mean time and effort and potential extra costs such as car parking charges. When you finally arrive at the shop there’s also the possibility the person who makes their number plates might be at lunch, on holiday or off work ill that day.

Why take the chance and put yourself to all that trouble when you can order your plates quickly and easily online from us and have them delivered to your door the very next day? Our online plate maker tool lets you design and order the exact replacement plates you need in minutes without the fuss and stress of going to a shop, and you’ll also have more design options available to you too.

All you have to do is enter your registration number into our plate maker tool and then choose the appropriate options from the various drop-down menus. Once you’re happy with your design you simply add your selection to your basket and then choose your preferred delivery service.

Our standard service takes 3-5 working days for delivery but the overwhelming majority of our customers choose to pay the small extra charge for our next day delivery service. As long as you complete and submit your order before the 3pm deadline your replacement number plates will be made and despatched by us the same day.

What styles of plates can I make using your builder?

We supply all the different shapes and sizes of UK road-legal new and replacement number plates, which include the standard oblong plates as well as square or motorcycle number plates. Using our plate maker tool, you can also choose different emblems, borders and lettering options to give your cherished vehicle that unique style it deserves.

Whether you want standard front and rear oblong plates or a set with a large or square rear plate often used for SUVs, all our plates are made from the finest materials to ensure their readability, durability and overall quality.

Show Plates World pride ourselves on always delivering the finest customer experience with the best quality number plates at always competitive prices. Whatever plates you need and whenever you need them, we’ve got it covered!