Number plates are required to be displayed on all cars on UK roads, and private number plates are among the most well-known types of car customisation. They give you the option to personalise your registration number — enhancing the overall uniqueness and appeal of your car.

Many car owners, especially those who are still paying for their vehicles through financing, may be wondering whether financed cars are allowed to display private number plates. Some people may think that since they’re still paying for their car, they don’t have the power to do what they like with the car, including customising the car with a private number plate. This article will provide you with key information to give you a clearer understanding of whether or not a financed car can have private number plates.

What Is a Financed Car?

Financing a car means buying a car with a loan; you borrow money from a financing company to pay the car in full, and you will need to pay the money you borrow. In other words, a financed car is one that you bought through a financing company. In exchange, you’ll sign a financing agreement with the financing company in which you promise to pay back the money on specific terms at a specific interest rate. It is important to take note that a financed car is different from a leased car; leasing a car allows you to use it for a specified amount of time without actually buying it.

Can a Private Number Plate Be Assigned to a Financed Car?

YES. You can use a private number plate on a financed car. Remember, financing a car means you already own the car, you just have to pay the financing company. This means you are the registered keeper of the car. That being said, you are free to customise your vehicle and have a private number plate assigned to it.

How To Assign a Private Number Plate to a Financed Car

If you don’t have a private number plate yet, you can get a private plate directly from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or get a private plate from a registered dealer. After buying the private number plate, you will receive a V750 certificate of entitlement, which is proof that you own the private number plate.

Before you can assign the private number plate to your financed vehicle, the vehicle must meet the DVLA’s requirements. According to the DVLA, your financed vehicle must be registered with the DVLA in the UK and be a vehicle type that needs an MOT or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) test certificate. Your vehicle should also be available for inspection if ever the DVLA contacts you.

Apply To Assign a Private Number Plate

If you have confirmed that your financed car is eligible to have a private number plate, you can apply with the DVLA to have your private number plate assigned to your vehicle. You can apply online or by post. The online application is available daily from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. If you choose to apply by post, you need to post the application form together with the V750 certificate of entitlement and a copy of the vehicle’s log book (V5C); a document that contains proof that you are the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Display Your Private Number Plate on Your Financed Car

The DVLA will process your application for the assignment of the private number plate to your financed car. Once approved, the DVLA will send you a new log book (V5C) and a confirmation that you are free to display your private number plate on your car. Finally, you can proudly drive your car with a personalised, private number plate.