3D Gel Number Plates (Domed)

Adorn 3D number plates on your car to add ultimate style. Our 3D gel car plates are meticulously manufactured, handcrafted, aligned, and affixed to premium grade acrylic and sport a ‘domed’ effect.

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Product specs

  • Completely road legal in the UK
  • Premium grade polyurethane resin 3D letters and numbers
  • Premium grade acrylics
  • Shatter Proof
  • Waterproof, hard-wearing
  • Compliant with British Standards (BS AU 145e)
  • Sun-fade resistance
  • Reflective compliant
  • pressure wash resistance
  • Best-in-class bonding
  • Quality gloss finish

Our 3D gel plate Sizing

We offer a broad range of 3D car plate sizing to suit a variety of customer requirements. Our complete list of plate sizes is available on the 3D plate maker on this page. The standard size of a UK 3D car plate is 20.5 x 4.4 inches.


3D Gel Car Plates: Definition, legalities, and ordering process

If you’d like to make your number plate stand out (literally) then 3D number plates are for you.


What are 3D Gel number plates?

Unlike normal ‘flat’ number plates, 3D gel plate’s characters are raised up in a domed-like shape – hence the three-dimensional look. This gives a car number plate a sleek, premium, stylish look.


Is it legal to have 3D plates on your car in the UK?

For a while there’s been confusion as to whether 3D gel plates would still be road-legal once the DVLA rules & regulations change around number plates in September 2021. We can confirm that these upcoming changes will not affect 3D plates and we can also confirm that they’re completely road legal.

We manufacture and supply 3D plates that conform to DVLA British standards (BS AU 145e) for road-going use (please ensure to select ‘legal style’ from the drop down menu on our plate maker)


What are 3D number plates used for?

3D plates are used mostly by people to improve the overall aesthetics of their vehicle. They are particularly popular amongst car enthusiasts and people who enjoy modifying their vehicles.


How to order 3D plates for your car

All you have to do is design your 3D plate for your car using the convenient drop-down menus of our plate maker tool here on this page. You’ll be able to see a preview of your plate prior to purchasing to ensure it’s exactly as you’d like it.

Once you’re happy with your design you add it to your cart, complete the payment, and then sit back and let us do the rest.



If you place your order before 3 pm Monday to Friday, your plates will be dispatched to you the same day via Royal Mail.


Express Delivery

Need your order in a hurry? No problem. We offer Royal Mail next day delivery, just to be sure to select this option at checkout.