3D Gel Number Plates

Adorn 3D number plates on your car to add ultimate style. Our 3D gel car plates are meticulously manufactured, handcrafted, aligned, and affixed to premium grade acrylic and sport a ‘domed’ effect.

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Our in-house engineers carefully craft each of our plates to ensure impeccable quality, unrivalled hardiness, and a beautiful gloss finish.

Product Specifications

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    Completely road legal in the UK

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    Premium grade polyurethane resin 3D letters and numbers

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    Premium grade acrylics

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    Shatter Proof

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    Waterproof, hard-wearing

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    Compliant with British Standards (BS AU 145e)

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    Sun-fade resistance

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    Reflective compliant

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    Pressure wash resistance

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    Best-in-class bonding

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    Quality gloss finish

3D number plates — domed, gel, resin? Find out what you need to know.

How are our 3D number plates made?

Creating a 3D number plate is a unique and intricate process. It begins with the selection of a high-quality acrylic material. This acrylic is then precisely cut to the right dimensions of a number plate, providing the ideal canvas for the next step.

After cutting, a highly effective and very specific adhesive is applied to the cut acrylic. This adhesive is formulated to bond the characters to the plate and weather different conditions thrown at it, ensuring that your number plate remains in perfect condition for years to come.

The characters themselves are crafted from 3mm high-grade black ABS plastic, meticulously formed to each digit and letter needed. Each character is meticulously placed on the adhesive-laden acrylic plate, creating the third dimension and that distinctive ‘pop-off’ effect that makes 3D number plates so unique and eye-catching.

The final step in the process involves heating and curing the plate, ensuring that the adhesive properly bonds the characters to the plate. Once the plate is cooled, it is inspected for quality before being considered ready for your vehicle.

The result is a visually stunning, highly durable 3D number plate that enhances the look of your vehicle while effectively displaying your registration number, keeping you legal and stylish on the UK’s roads.

Are Your 3D Number Plates Road-Legal?

Let’s address perhaps the most crucial query you might have about our 3D number plates – their legality. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to invest in a product that might get you into trouble, right? Therefore, we are thrilled to inform you that our 3D number plates comply with all UK legal regulations.

They meet all the requirements set out by the DVLA, making them road-legal throughout the nation. Rest assured, all our number plates, including the 3D ones, follow the British Standard (BS AU 145e) to ensure proper visibility and reflectiveness. Our plates also contain the mandatory mark of the manufacturer or supplier, guaranteeing their authenticity and legal compliance.

So when you purchase 3D number plates from us, you’re investing in a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing product and essentially choosing peace of mind.

What are 3D number plates?

3D number plates are specially designed, customised vehicle registration plates that stand out from standard flat plates.

Unlike traditional flat number plates, these plates are constructed from layered materials to give a three-dimensional (3D) effect to the characters on the plate. This not only enhances the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle but also adds a distinctive touch of personality and individuality.

At its core, a 3D number plate is a sophisticated way to showcase your unique style and also adhere to the legal requirements for displaying a number plate in the UK.