Have you ever had your car number plates stolen? It’s a common problem but can be very unsettling and inconvenient. Not to mention expensive!

At Show Plates World, we understand the frustration of having your number plates stolen and want to help you get through this difficult situation as quickly and painlessly as possible. So, what should you do if your number plate is stolen?

Read on for our step-by-step guide on dealing with a missing or stolen registration plate in the UK.

Report the Incident to Your Local Police Station

You should never underestimate the importance of reporting a number plate theft to the police as soon as it occurs. This action not only gives you a better chance of finding your stolen plates but also helps deter future fraudulent activity.

Once reported, the police may be able to track down the missing plates and reunite them with your car.

Consider fitting an anti-theft device or secure locking system for your car’s number plates. Doing so can help protect yourself from fraudsters and keep a closer eye on your vehicle while it’s on the roads.

Apply for a New Plate From a Government-Approved Number Plates Distributor

Once you have reported the incident, you must apply for duplicate plates from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). To do this, you will need an official and signed letter of confirmation from your local police station that states that someone stole/removed your number plates and that you are the rightful owner.

You can contact a reputable, government-approved number plate distributor like Show Plates World to help you replace your stolen registration plate. We’ve been assisting drivers in replacing their missing or stolen number plates for years and have an extensive range of replacement number plates available.

If Possible, Record Any Information You Have About Your Plate Thief

Gathering facts that could help the authorities find your thief shouldn’t be taken lightly — the details you remember may be vital in catching them! Take note of anything and everything you can recall, from their physical description to the exact date, time, and location where it happened.

All this information is invaluable to law enforcement as they investigate and try to identify who stole your plates.

Every detail helps increase their chance of success. It’s like a puzzle — except instead of putting it together yourself, you give the pieces to the police!

Replace Everything That May Be Compromised Due to the Theft

Now that you’ve reported the incident and obtained a replacement plate, you must protect any information they may have taken during the theft.

This includes updating your car insurance and replacing any documents stored inside the vehicle with stolen plates. It is also advisable to change all your passwords as soon as possible in case someone attempts to access your accounts illegally.

Finally, make sure you ask for a confirmation letter from the police station once they’ve accepted your stolen number plate report. This can provide vital evidence should anyone attempt to use your plates or commit another crime using them fraudulently.

Practice Extra Caution

Taking extra steps to protect your car and the number plate is essential for peace of mind.

Investing in a secure locking system helps deter potential thieves while always ensuring that the doors are locked before leaving can save you much trouble.

Furthermore, when parking your vehicle, always watch for suspicious-looking activity. For those who want an extra layer of security, installing an alarm on your car is a great way to go, or decreasing the risk even more with a dashcam or similar security sensors would also work.

Get Your Number Plates From Show Plates World

If you’ve had your number plates stolen or are looking for a new set, Show Plates World is here to help. Our team of experts has years of experience in providing replacement plates, and we can make sure your car looks great with our custom-made registration plates.

With the right security measures and extra caution when protecting your vehicle, you can ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

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